Friday, July 03, 2009

Thoughts on the Palin resignation

I am not a wizened political analyst with deep inside connections to How Things Are Done, so this is purely personal opinion. (On second thought, nearly all the established political pundits irritate me with their inside-the-Beltway worldview just as much as Sarah Palin irritates them, so maybe I know something they don't.)

The sudden resignation from the governorship of Alaska doesn't make me happy, sure. I liked that Palin was doing such a kick-ass job there, and causing spastic eruptions in the MSM every time she crossed the 49th parallel. So, why now and why so suddenly?
  • I don't think it is a scandal. Unless she has ritually murdered a whole Girl Scout troop or ripped the tags off an entire warehouse full of mattresses. She faced down the baying hounds of the media as VP nominee with her daughter's unwed pregnancy, for heaven's sake. She and her family knew it would be bad going in, and they still did it.
  • I don't think she can't handle the pressure any more. See above. The Palin family is very strong and stable, and she talked before about getting buyoff from everyone in the family before she took highly public jobs. I really don't think she would quit in the middle of her term as governor just because someone was getting teased at school.
  • She *can't* work on a presidential run as governor. She's already had 15 (dismissed) ethics charges against her, brought by people who are quite willing to keep filing them as long as they aren't physically ejected from the courtroom. That won't stop. And the media will aid and abet this, since they and the Democrats are terrified of Palin (because she's so stooooopid, you see.) Given that she can't even use a restroom in a government building whilst wearing a "Palin for Overlord" button without a grand jury being empaneled, how can she run for president? If she has to quit her current position to run, when is the best time if not now? She got the pipeline deal signed, her big project. All the punderati keep saying she has to hit the books and become better-prepared on a number of topics to be taken seriously, so maybe that's what she's doing. But of course, they don't like that *either*.
  • Other little tidbits that make me go "hmm." She mentions her visit to the troops recently as a factor in her decision (they were saying "Ma'am, you should quit so they don't say mean things about you."? Or was it "Ma'am, I am not afraid to die for my country but I am afraid of being abandoned by it."?) Also the phrase "for Alaska and the country". That sounds like bigger plans than staying home with the kids. Speaking of the kids, they are reported as wanting her to do "something" about the attacks on Trig. The media appears to assume that "something" was quit. I don't think the Palins think like that ...
I don't know any more details than the newsies do. I will admit I want her to keep fighting and to run for president, and that may color my view. I think the Republican party and conservative leaders in general should check their jubilation at this news. I, and a lot of other people, like Sarah. We DON'T care much for the other Republicans in the field. Are you listening, RNC? That means I will not give you one red cent if you keep acting like Democrats. Or if you nominate Democrats. I *will* donate to SarahPAC. So either support her run, or nominate someone like her. You blithering idiots. If you had shown some spine when it counted we wouldn't have to deal with this mess.


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