Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why the Mainstream Media is dying, #4984854

Things that are not very important, in the grand scheme of things:

-Death of a former Hollywood starlet, mostly known for big hair and flashing teeth. Not, I will point out, medical acumen or profound thought. Or acting ability.

-Death of a former musical child prodigy, mostly known for weird hair, flashing teeth, and a prolonged reverse suntan. Also for attracting rumors about Inappropriate Behavior with Children.

I'm thinking that the world will get along quite well without them, and *has* gotten along without them for years. I don't rejoice in their deaths, but why are we getting the full media mourning suitable for, you know, someone important? Why this, instead of ...

Things that are very important, in the tick-tick-BOOM with radioactive sprinkles sense:

-The theocratic despots of Iran, who divide their spending between funding "insurgents" in Iraq and building a nuclear bomb they don't need, have managed to enrage the populace so, naturally, they are slaughtering their own people in the streets. Mr. Obama appears to think that he, a foreigner and infidel, will have a better chance of persuading the mullahs to do what he wants than the people of Iran. I don't quite see how.

I keep feeling like I took the wrong exit and ended up in a different dimension. Where I come from, it is morally reprehensible to slaughter unarmed people gathered to voice their opinions. The United Nations, ostensibly formed to prevent nastiness like this, will burst a valve about alleged Israeli crimes but can't be bothered to condemn the violence of the Iranian theocracy against its own people. Mr. Obama wishes people would stop asking about it, he already said the Iranians can't come to the 4th of July picnic, and isn't that punishment enough? And the media seems to agree, or why are they so eager to broadcast ANYTHING except the poor people of Iran trying to take back their country by throwing rocks and pleading for the West to help them. (Hmm. Kinda like the Palistinians, isn't it? Only without the sniping or the rocket barrages on their part. I thought this would be right up the MSM's alley ...) The protesters don't want to be shot, they just want their vote to count. They have no interest in nuclear weapons or destroying Israel, not when they are getting killed by their own government. Why can't we deal with THEM?

Maybe the big words, like "freedom", "democracy", and "liberty", are too confusing. Let's try pictures.

This is Iran.

This is Iran under the mullahs.

Any questions?

(pictures via Gateway Pundit, an excellent source of Iran uprising news)


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