Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apparently I'm Evil

I have no interest in talk radio of any sort. I've never listened to Rush Limbaugh, or any of the other famous hosts. I don't watch TV either. I've got better things to do with my time. Even videoclips on the internet get ignored. I can read faster than people talk, so unless there is a transcript I can't be bothered.

Recently, however, I went on a trip. The omnipresent CNN broadcasts in the airports can be avoided using heavy-duty headphones and strategic seating, but I took a shuttle from my home to catch my flight and the driver had on talk radio. "Progressive" talk radio. My, what an illuminating experience. I learned things about myself that would never have occurred to me, such as the aforementioned evilness. This was not just the radio personalities, or whatever they call the primary yakkers--oh no, the ads were special too. Conservatives, I was informed, love torture, killing, guns for killing, only listen to Fox and don't believe in Global Warming. Teh horror.

(Okay, I cop to loving guns and disbelieving Anthropogenic Global Warming. The rest is a filthy lie.)

Then the segment went on to bloviate about the purported torture photographs that oscillate between getting released and then being withheld. I swear, it's worse than the Istanbul/Constantinople thing. Anyway, some newspaper in Australia, I think, supposedly got some of these photographs, and the progressive hosts were hyperventilating about how horrible they were. Even described some on the air, for our benefit. So, blood. Some guy not looking so healthy. That's all they mentioned, and that is supposed to be proof positive that the American military has a policy of torture. Didn't mention seeing any US uniforms in this picture, or a label that said "Torture Manual Illustration #256, property of the United States Army". Didn't even consider the possibility that a photo could have been taken as proof of atrocities committed by Al Qaeda. Nope, somebody somewhere is bleeding so it must have been some American wingnut in uniform that did it.

And when even the progressives can't blame the US military for bloodshed, e.g. the current Iranian protest killings, suddenly that isn't a big deal and is just a Quaint Cultural Tradition that we *certainly* can't judge by our imperialistic Western standards.



Anonymous BillT said...

It's even more amusing when they trot out pictures of the Kurds that Saddam gassed in Hallabja -- in 1988 -- and wave them as *proof* that we're killing Iraqi civilians by the boatload on a daily basis.

Sheesh. Libs.

12:14 PM, June 18, 2009  

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