Sunday, May 31, 2009

Return to Civilization

Your Humble Snarkatron has recently returned from a tour of duty at a certain undisclosed location, so remote there are no stoplights for 70 miles. It also takes about a day of pure traveling misery to get there. I especially appreciated the (completely full) flight that appeared to be evacuating an orphanage. Every row had at least one squirming, unhappy child. Mine had THREE. One suspected if a row did not have a kid the flight attendants issued you one from a bin of spares.

That said, the flights were uneventful. No engines fell off, the pilots always remembered to lower the landing gear, and the wings were gremlin-free. What I found interesting was we were always #3 or lower for takeoff immediately after leaving the gate. Previously there had been a lot of hurry up and wait, but not this time. Fewer flights?

My return put me at one point in Bangor International Airport, home of the famous Troop Greeters. They were even assembling to greet a flight when I was there, but alas! Boarding call for my flight came before the troops did. I would have loved to see them in action.


Blogger JimmyT said...

My Son and Son-in-Law just passed through there on their way to Afghanistan. They are in the 1/5 Marines recently deployed to the AF. There are actually two different groups that greet troops there, one is a bunch of Veteran Volunteers and the other is a bunch of Mom and GrandMom types. They are magnificent. They try to get pictures of every single Man and Woman in uniform and they post them on a share site. It was great to see them both and I can't say how proud I am of these two fine groups of American Patriots.

God Bless them all.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

12:20 PM, June 02, 2009  

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