Tuesday, June 02, 2009

People on a bus, cont.

I recently overheard an animated conversation on politics between a young (white) man and a middle-aged (black) woman. The woman freely admitted she was frightened about what was happening to the country, and was particularly irate about vanishing Social Security and billions to car manufacturers that government "had no business owning". The young man agreed completely, and called it communism. She corrected him, saying it was socialism. She couldn't bring herself to blame Obama, though. Somehow all of this happened before he took office. He still has to fix it, according to her.

I suppose it is too much to ask that people blame the real source of the problems, or remember Mr. Obama was a US Senator before being elected to the White House (and thus most definitely implicated in every boneheaded bill he voted for). Still, even the kool-aid drinkers are starting to notice the ship tilting and the prevalence of icebergs.


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