Monday, June 22, 2009

The President is like a sulky schoolboy

I get the feeling Obama only ran for President because you can't run for King. Plus, the United States is (for the moment) the top of the power heap and if you're planning on telling all the peasants what to do, power helps. Only he's not going to figure out exactly what the peasants should do, that is boring, uninteresting drudgery like homework. He already knows it all, so why study? No, instead he will do things like graciously tell the Israelis and Palestinians not to fight. How they manage to do this is up to them, though he strongly suggests Israel should just give up everything the Palestinians want. Then it will be fair. See? He will also direct Congress to come up with a comprehensive universal health care program, that will cost less and insure more people. Neat trick. He's not going to sully himself by giving any hints on how to accomplish this miracle either. No, he's much too busy getting hamburgers, getting ice cream, going golfing -- in short, just about anything that doesn't involve making difficult decisions.

Obama wants to enjoy the Presidency. The thought that it is a damn difficult *JOB* never seems to cross his mind. Furthermore, laws are only important if they don't get in the way of what he wants. I never thought the tax laws were optional--in fact, I was pretty sure getting on the IRS shit list would be a Very Bad Thing Looking at the people in the current administration, it appears there is just a bit of a double standard. If I missed paying my taxes for two years they'd wall me up with a cask of Amontillado, but for a (cough) chief of protocol these little faux pas are only to be expected. IG's who go after Bush are wonderful. IG's who go after Friends Of Obama are nekulturny and should be banished, insulted, fired, and banished again. Even if doing so violates a law Obama himself co-sponsored while a Senator. That was, like, a year ago! Everything is different now, really.

Fortunately for us, and the rest of the planet, the United States can't turn on a dime. There are enough people in the government still doing their jobs, saying things that can't be ignored, and you can tell it rubs our Fearless President raw when he is forced to acknowledge reality. In my opinion, Obama still could care less about the streets of Tehran running red with the blood of citizens protesting the theft of their votes. They might not have much in the theocracy of Iran, but their votes were supposed to count. Days went by, full of highly aerated piffle from Obama about not getting involved. You could sense he resented even having to address the issue at all. And then, just like he had returned from the principal's office with an ultimatum to finish his book report or get paddled, he comes out with the most unenthusiastic defense of democratic values yet. These are the values that GAVE him his current high position, but never mind that. Real democracy is electing Obama, and the Iranians didn't do that so they can go hang. I sure hope they don't, but if they do, how can he possibly consider his hands clean? Like it or not, the United States is a beacon of democracy and the principles of freedom of speech and assembly. It *will* look hypocritical for us to not even offer words of support to those who also wish to enjoy those freedoms.

People have been noticing something about the President's many speeches. The word "I" is used quite a bit, for example. The word "justice" and "diversity" also get a workout.

"Freedom" and "liberty"? Not so much.


Anonymous BillT said...

People have been noticing something *else* about this particular President's speeches: the White House usually issues a retraction or a non-sequiturial "clarification" of whatever he says between 12 and 24 hours later.

I predict that Gibbs will start looking extremely haggard -- or drugged -- within the next few months...

9:08 AM, June 24, 2009  
Blogger OBXdunebilly said...

yeah Bill, what we need is a press secretary that just looks hot like Dana Perino did, right?

11:24 AM, June 26, 2009  
Blogger Snarkatron said...

no, we need an intelligent and courteous press secretary like Tony Snow. (Who was also easy on the eyes, a nice side benefit but not required.) Strangely, intelligent, courteous, unindicted people don't seem to want to work for the current administration ...

12:14 PM, June 26, 2009  

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