Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Funnies

-Four new pages of Lackadaisical Action! Or, it's the quiet ones who really go to town when they get their paws on a tommy gun.
-For Best Results: A Daily Kitten
-Buck Godot finds religion, and Girl Genius sneaks into her own castle (which is just a little bit mad)
-If you mistrust all this newfangled technology, but still want a laptop, try a Steampunk Laptop! Starts with a clock key! Check out his other stuff too. He's deranged, but in a nice way.

And for the holiday season, a very special treat. Physics Carols! (no I did not write these. Really. I'm not the only strange one out there. You have been warned.)

We Three Quarks

We three quarks fine particles are
Bearing charm we travel afar
Fields and forces, mu of course is
Multiplied by h-bar

Oh, Quarks are wonderous, Quarks are light
Quarks stay smugly out of sight
Still misleading, still exceeding
All the physicists' insight

We three quarks trade gluons all day
All baryons are made this way
Confined inside we always hide
Unseen forever stay.

Frosty the Photon

Frosty the Photon
Was a truly quantum sight
With a zero mass and an endless life
And a speed approaching light

Frosty the Photon
Had momentum h-bar k
Though he had the right to be known as light
He could be a gamma ray

There must have been some magic
In the physics lab one year
For when they studied X-ray beams
Ole Frosty did appear.

Frosty the Photon
Says he knows he's not that large
But he says one day, if he comes this way
He will give us all a charge.


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