Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Completely Uncontroversial Topic

Religion, that is. Much pundital froth has been generated regarding candidate Mitt Romney's speech explicating his religion vs. gummint vs. people who think Mormons are weird. Further froth was generated when it was noticed only Americans of religious faith were mentioned, and us agnostic/atheists were left out of the happy tolerant thoughtwaves.

Frankly, as a long-time agnostic, I was just as pleased to be ignored. In my experience politicians do their best but end up doing the patronizing head-pat, grudgingly acknowledging that I *might* be a true citizen BUT the Founding Fathers liked them best. Most politicians, that is. Some let the mask slip and imply I can't possibly be a moral, ethical person because ALL morals (and ethics) come from religion and if I don't have religion I can't possibly have ethics, QED. These are the people I keep away from my wallet and any other portable valuables. Strangely, they never think to, you know, actually look at my words and deeds. Many accusatory fingers pointed to Communist Russia and how Godless Atheists ran it, and Look What They Did! Ergo, I would send millions to starve in Siberia. Or something.

I'm not sure what the big controversy over Romney's religion is. I've known a number of Mormons and they are very honest, ethical, moral people. I have no use for their religion, or anybody elses, but it seems to work for them. Of course, I've known honest, ethical Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Quakers, and pagans too. Doesn't seem to be the religion per se, more the person practicing it. Maybe the entire theology of the LDS church is made up. To me, that doesn't make it any different from the rest. Maybe the animosity is due to the fact that even if it is based on a fake, the Mormons make it work. Which would mean religion isn't the only source of ethics and morals after all.

(Please note I said ONLY source of ethics and morals. I am aware religion provides comfort and guidance to many. I'm just tired of the assumption that nonbelievers are automatically ravening sociopathic killbots. I've never killed *anyone*, really.)


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