Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hollywood vs. War Movies

I think I figured it out, and it isn't what many in the dextrosphere claim--Hollywood isn't making preachy, sanctimonious, boring "war" movies because they plan to make money overseas, or get awards from their fellow frothing liberal producers. Even they aren't going to see these bombs. No, they are making them for the Great Unwashed in flyover country, and anyone stupid enough to have voted for Bush. Clearly, they just haven't gotten the Message(tm) out! But movies--even Nascar Red State Yahoos go to movies! And then they will learn the horrid truth about all those nasty rapists in uniform (no, not Saddam's "defilers of women's honor") and bring the little underprivileged darlings back for sensitivity training and mandatory naps.

In the spirit of the self-esteem movement, I just want to tell all those constipated Hollywood types that I really believe, if they put *all* their effort into it, Bush won't be elected again. Honest!


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