Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idle Snarkage

- It occurs to me to wonder if some of the shrill hysteria eminating from the Run Away Now crowd has its subconscious origin in terror. Terror because if we win all of their efforts to "Vietnamize" the Iraq war will backfire and people will start questioning the official narrative of that war too. Would make being a '70s protester/draft dodger more something to hide than brag about.

-Another awkward question: All these Democrats now claiming they were misled by the president into voting to authorize the war. This would be the president they pretty much daily insinuate is dumber than dirt? He fooled THEM? And we should do what they say ... why???

-Now for my favorite, Anthrogenic Global Warming (translation: humans are bad). My question for the AGW folks is the following. Is there any evidence you would consider, if it existed, as proof your theory is NOT correct? Because really, a scientific theory should be falsifiable. This is a safety feature that helps prevent infestations of Flying Spaghetti Monsters.


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