Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Global Warming, huh?

It's nearly March, folks. Why is it snowing? Firstly, Seattle doesn't get much snow at all, period, full stop. Secondly, it doesn't snow this late. The daffodils are coming up. The cherry trees have started blooming. At this rate we could be getting migrating polar bears.

And now I hear that one of Al Gore's three houses has a monthly electric bill that is roughly the same as my mortgage payment -- but it's all OK, because he has purchased indulgencescarbon credits that offset (somehow) all this wretched excess. Perhaps one day he will have a brain spurt and realize he doesn't have to buy so many credits if he doesn't use up so much energy. Polar bears are drowning, after all. Really, I read it in the news. Now, I have one house and don't have a private jet (or even a submarine), take the bus to work, spent extra money and effort to insulate my (little) house, even use compact fluorescent bulbs where I can and *I* am the bad guy??




Anonymous BillT said...

...and *I* am the bad guy??

Gurl -- bad *gurl*...

Of course, you're the baddie. After all, you have yet to create a PowerPoint® presentation using pop-sci stats to prove that the resultant of an effect is actually the causal agent. No Oscar for you, either.

But take heart -- all this cold is prepping you for the advancing glaciers which will appear overnight when Mama Gaia decides the joke has gone far enough and she pulls the rug out from under the "We'll all die of global heatstroke" crowd...

8:34 AM, March 04, 2007  

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