Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Low-carb Zombie Apocalypse

Those of us espousing the low-carb lifestyle have great difficulties in preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse/Collapse of Civilization/General SHTF scenarios. We need protein and lots of it, storable for years if necessary. Plenty of Ramen noodle equivalents abound and cheaply, too. However, I've found some workable options that might help.

Storable Protein Options:
- Protein Powder -- used by bodybuilders and powerlifters, you mix it with water or other liquid. Stores well dry. Protein Powder
- Freeze-dried products: Mountain House is one example, and they have all kinds of protein available. Shown is the diced beef--no noodles or other carb filler. Chicken, and eggs with bacon also available. Mountain House #10 Freeze-Dried Foods
- Canned Meat: Don't forget the old standby tuna! Costco also sells reasonably priced chicken and sometimes beef in cans about the same size as the tuna option. Kirkland Signature Roast Beef 4 Cans

Grow Your Own: 
- Nut trees: I was surprised to learn that almond trees grow in my area of the Pacific Northwest. I use a lot of almond flour in my low-carb cooking these days, so I'm going to give it a try. These guys at One Green World have excellent options available, but they specialize in the West Coast. Contact a nursery local to your area and see what kind of nut trees might work for you.
 - Chickens: Haven't done this one myself yet (too many coyotes in the neighborhood) but I know people who do. Fresh eggs, and the potential of nice fresh chicken when the eggs give out! Urban Chicken resource.

If you can tolerate a small amount of carbohydrate in your diet, consider some of the low-glycemic fruits and vegetables like Jerusalem artichoke, cherries, and pears. Dehydrating can help with storage, at least as long as you have power or sunshine.



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