Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Political Snark du Jour

Here in the soggy corner of the map those lucky enough to still have a job to commute to persist in declining political bumper stickers. Even in the little Politburo region I work in, the lack of interest in the incumbent is remarkable. I don't even see many old Obama bumperstickers, and they were all over the place for 2008.

And I noticed something else highly interesting. Those 2012 Dem stickers I do see--most of them just have the year. The name "Obama" isn't even visible.

Gee, do you think the bloom is off the rose?

Greatly helped, I am sure, by the Great Debate Massacree. Of course Obama was doomed from the start given some nameless idiot thought John Kerry (D-Chin) would be the perfect practice opponent. Kerry couldn't even support his own ideas when he was running, how could he possibly play a conservative? And then there was all that family history subtext which doubtless added another bale of straw to the camel of Obama's peevishness--not only does Romney have five sons, he adores them and hasn't abandoned any of them even once. It is very sad that Obama had such an unhappy childhood with reluctant or absent parents, but he doesn't get to take out his feelings of inadequacy on the whole country.

This song came up on shuffle play when I was at the gym, and the lyrics seem very appropriate to the time. We're wise to you this time -- we won't let you kill the laughter.



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