Monday, November 21, 2011


-Annexation: The Forces of Good (that would be the no-annexation folks) are currently ahead by over 400 votes compared to the morally-compromised sign-stealing pro-annexation people.  As I recall the area in question has around 10,000 people and over 7,000 have voted, which is pretty good turnout.  They don't certify the results for another week, alas, so I won't know if my freedom to keep an attack goat on my property has been preserved until then.  (gnaws nails)

-Penn State: Your Humble Snarkatron obtained her graduate degree from Penn State.  It appears the child molestation happened well after my departure from Happy Valley, and I never had much to do with the football program (except to craft some Rabelaisian curses, at gunnery-sergeant level, when I discovered my vehicle had been towed, at 11:30 pm, in order to clear the parking lot so the alumni could park their RVs in comfort for an upcoming game.)  I can say this--Penn State was hard core about keeping student athletes on their chosen academic track.  As a teaching assistant I (briefly) had a student athlete on my rolls, and I was required to give semi-quarterly letter grade evaluations of said student.  Fortunately the student switched classes because that would have been a major headache, given we didn't assign *letter* grades until the end of the semester.  However, I did notice that football was the graven image of Penn State's idolatry, and it isn't very surprising that concealment of a heinous crime took place if exposure would have threatened the program.  There's still more data coming out, and the main witness who supposedly witnessed an actual rape is changing his story in interesting ways.  I spent six years at Penn State, and while JoePa and I weren't best buds he didn't strike me as the kind of man who would cover up child rape for any reason.  Even football.  I guess we'll find out more as things progress--but I like Sarah Palin's idea involving rope and a tree for Sandusky.

-Lack of Posting Lately:  Yes, I have been lax.  However, I have a really good excuse.  Expect an announcement Thanksgiving Day--and if you can't wait that long, go here.


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