Friday, September 30, 2011

Exactly as I Predicted

via Instapundit, the latest development in carbon nanotechnology.  Nested graphene wires inside nanotubes.  I made the prediction several years ago that C60 and carbon nanotubes would be the LEGO blocks of nanotechnology.  Carbon naturally wants to form graphene, and buckyballs, and nanotubes.  You just have to tweak a few environmental conditions to get more of one than the other.  And because it is so (comparatively) easy to do, you can play with more combinations of things to get the eentsy-weentsy (scientific term) electronic devices we can use.  The more we play with carbon, the more we'll learn how to do the same things with compounds that don't want to make neat shapes all on their own.  At this rate we'll have wearable supercomputers.  Maybe even jet packs!



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