Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Snark

-Observed by Snarkatron her own self, to much bemusement--a motorcycle with handicapped plates.  The individual operating the motorcycle appeared to have all original limbs in working order.  The mind boggles at precisely what handicap would permit said special plates yet allow safe operation of A FREAKING MOTORCYCLE.

-Seasonal Weather, Transitions Of:  A gradual easing-in to new seasons would be appreciated.  None of this 80 degree sunny day followed by chilly overcast with a layer of dead leaves appearing out of nowhere.  *Some* of us do not go gently into that good night called winter.

-IMPORTANT REMINDER!  Monday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  This blog fully supports ITLPD and seeks to spread observance to every corner of the globe.  Arrrr!

-Poor Ace is getting a headache trying to figure out how anyone could be so stupid as to come up with Gunwalker, and what they were attempting to accomplish when they did it.  His problem is being able to think rationally.  See, rational people internalize the scientific method, to wit: if the data does not support the theory you dump the theory.  Many a beautiful theory has been slain by an ugly little fact.  For a distressingly large number of liberals (most of them in high positions in this administration) the scientific method is anathema.  They KNOW what the truth is.  Ergo, if they can't find evidence to prove what they believe there is *no ethical dilemma* for them in making shit up.  It puzzled them mightily they could find no evidence of massive illegal gun sales in the US to Mexico, because they *knew* it was happening.  So, they just "helped" reality a little.  And since they also have a low opinion of ground-level ATF officers (who probably made the mistake of telling them there was no massive illegal gun trafficking), they thought they could a) just order the cretins around and b) they wouldn't ask awkward questions like "how are we going to track the guns, then?"  They didn't think they would get caught because they thought they weren't doing anything wrong!  They've done stuff like this before.  They know the Tea Party is teh Racist, so they keep looking for racists and finding a) black Tea Partiers and c) LaRouche nutters.  They planted a flowing-robe, full-bearded Arab plus a few total burka-covered ladies at a NASCAR race and were all primed to video the ensuing vile prejudice--which never happened.  But they didn't go back and re-examine their assumptions, that would be *work*.


Blogger Justthisguy said...

Maybe the motorcyclist is an autie, or something. There are invisible disabilities.

I do believe that the disability parking places should be reserved only for those who can't walk very well.

If you can't talk very well, that should not entitle you to a really nice parking place.

5:50 PM, November 08, 2011  

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