Friday, October 07, 2011

Snark Sampler

Yeah, posting has gotten even more random than usual due to some exciting projects here at Snark Central.  Stay tuned for an important announcement, hopefully in December.  Meanwhile, here are some tasty morsels of snark...

-With the loss of Steve Jobs recently, some interesting financial information about Apple has come to my attention.  Did you know Apple's profit margin is 25-30%?  The much-maligned Exxon Mobile is lucky to make 10%, and the condensed evil of the health insurance companies only produces 3-5%.  Given the pronunciamento of the current administration and their handmaidens in the press, moral turpitude is apparently inversely proportional to profit.  Why aren't the Occupy Wall Street punkins protesting the evil corporate greed of Apple, hmm?

-The Tea Party and Republicans have a black candidate (Mr. Cain) and Ms. Garofalo sees it as a mere coverup of bone-deep racism.  The Democrats have a black candidate (Mr. Obama) and that is proof of their virtuous colorblindness.  Any criticism of the President's economic plans is considered to originate solely in racism.  Can some kind liberal explain exactly how one can criticize Mr.Obama without being racist?  I'm sure they don't want to claim he can do no wrong because of his skin color.  Do liberals really think that if Obama was white conservatives wouldn't be criticizing his puerile economic ideas?

-France Bans Ketchup: You can't make this stuff up.  You see, the ignorant schoolchildren were dousing the culinary treats of La France with ketchup to cover up the taste.  Dear silly Frenchmen--if your food was actually good the kids wouldn't do that.  Why not punish the cooks that profaned your traditional recipes instead of the children?


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