Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More expensive for whom?

So now Official Government Apparatchiks are floating the idea that really you don't need to take those scary preventative screening tests so often.  You know, the ones that detect early cancer?  So maybe you can treat it before it kills you?  You see, it's expensive.  Quoted from the link:
  • The screening tests themselves are often expensive.
  • Screening tests often produce false positive results, so additional (often invasive and always costly) testing will need to be done to confirm or deny the diagnosis.
  • If the diagnosis is made, treatment will be applied which is often dreadfully expensive.
  • The diagnostic testing is often “too sensitive,” such that it may make a positive diagnosis for a very early condition that, if it had been left alone, may not have done serious harm. The cost of treatment will therefore be wasted.
  • The screening test, the confirmatory tests, and the treatments that will be applied as a result of screening all carry the risk of complications, and the treatment of these complications can be extraordinarily costly.
  • If the patient’s life is saved by the screening test and subsequent therapy, that patient (who is often an Old Fart like DrRich) will persist, for several more years, to soak younger, worthier Americans for Social Security and Medicare payments; and worse, will ultimately develop some other expensive medical problem everyone else will have to pay for.
Snarkatron is not aware of any value assigned by the Death Panel for the individual patient's life, which is usually of IMMENSE value to said individual and worth all the costs of screening and treatment.  If the government is going to refuse to pay to save my life and deny me the ability to pay for it myself, they are going to be in a world of hurt. That money isn't wasted from my perspective, just from the Death Panel's.  So, let me keep my money!



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