Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unhinged Snark

Partly unhinged this week because I did something I shouldn'ta done to my back, and in the process of getting better I had to take medication that reduced my ambition to the drooling point. All is well now, but I confess to a certain lingering resentment for the distant ancestor who thought walking on two legs was a really neat idea. Cats do not have these issues. Plus they still have tails, most of them. (Another point of resentment).

One bright light in the morass of tar that is the recent Congressional Stimulpalooza bill. They are handing out 1.6 billion, yes, Billllion, for "Science". Those are NOT scare quotes. That is exactly how the line item appears in the thick wad of paper, for those who were privileged to see it. Gateway Pundit has the evidence. Nothing else is specified. 1.6 Billion dollars of MY TAX MONEY for something in quotes. Hey, I can do "Science" with the best of them! (I can also do science, no quotes, but Congress isn't throwing money at that.) What the hell are these bozos thinking, if you can dignify it with the term? And how do I get them to stop "helping" me??

But let's not forget what day it is. Happy thoughts indeed for Sweasel and her sweetie Uncle B, who have been lashed together to the mast of Holy Matrimony. Let's see them try to forget their anniversary, eh folks? And here is proof that scientists can be soppy romantics too ... an astronomer gets the planet Venus to send an appropriate message in Morse code.


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