Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joe the Plumber: All According to Plan

And a hearty "bwahahahaha!" to the mainstream media, who still haven't figured it out. Let's get some preliminaries out of the way first.
-Joe is not a professional reporter
-Joe is making mistakes
-Joe is really just an average guy and if that's all Pajamas Media was looking for anybody could take the job.

However, this is all journalistic aikido on the part of Pajamas Media, who I suspect know exactly what they are doing.
-Joe has tremendous name recognition, thanks to the piranha-like behavior of the mainstream media. But that cuts both ways. The MSM can't help reporting on what he's doing in the Middle East. It's like catnip.
-in order for the hoi polloi to fully comprehend the depravity of Joe's off-the-cuff comments, the MSM are breaking omerta on a host of topics they had previously been able to ignore (and thus make the general public ignore.)

Joe got handed a lot of unwanted publicity through no fault of his own. It has prevented him from pursuing his chosen profession (yes he is a plumber and he can work as one legally without a license under a licensed plumber, but not when he's got fifteen camera crews following him around.) He, unlike Congress, has to pay bills and balance his checkbook or he gets in trouble. Why shouldn't he make use of what the MSM so generously gave him? And why shouldn't Pajamas Media use Joe to focus some mainstream media attention on them, the Israeli side of the conflict (for a change) and give the MSM a swift kick in the shins to boot?

Plus, Joe's "gaffes" about embedded reporters simply shows up what the MSM hasn't been reporting. They don't want people to know about Yon and Roggio and Totten and the rest. But now they do, because they simply couldn't resist swatting at good ole ignorant Joe. Who learned what he did ... from the MSM. Sweet.


Anonymous BillT said...

If nothing else, it'll highlight the fact that *every* journalist pontificates without


a license...

10:29 AM, January 17, 2009  

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