Monday, January 12, 2009

I hope you are happy, SugarButtons

He thinks he's so cute with his chick quiz. I would just like to point out this tagging nonsense took valuable time that *could* have been used for drawing more Argghhh-onauts comics. Just sayin' ...

1. Link to the person who tagged you. TUTTLE!
2. Post rules (in progress).
3. List 6 non-important tidbits about yourself.
4. Tag 6 random people.
5. Announce the joy that has just crashed into their lives by posting a comment on their blog.
6. Let victims know their lives have been made just a little more interesting, and make sure that they understand a certain Tuttleish individual is responsible (I added that part myself ...)

Considering the aforementioned Tuttle already tagged most of the people I know I'm going to ignore that part, because if you invoke recursive tagging on the Blogosphere it creates a collapsing spiral in the space-time continuum and you wouldn't want THAT, believe me.

Okay, six non-important pieces of trivia:
- I can recite poetry in Middle English. Big hit at parties.
- Tha Gaelig na Alba accam.
- I was born with a sort of backup appendix.
- I have never broken a bone (long may the trend continue!)
- I have a medical excuse not to eat beets (yay!)
- Invented a dandy mechanical velociraptor call and convinced BillT it would make a nice zipper pull


Anonymous BillT said...

Interesting that most of the tagees admit an aversion to lima beans.

I sense a pattern here.

The velociraptor call works great, by-the-by -- they're presently hot-footing through the Eocene and should be midway through the Paleocene sometime next week.

I gave them your address.

Let me know when they get there.

8:50 AM, January 12, 2009  
Anonymous BillT said...

Okay, they've passed the Wasatchian.

1:01 PM, January 20, 2009  

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