Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas

It is snowing again. At least an inch on top of the previous 11. What could possibly be better than that? Freezing rain predicted for tonight, thus producing the world's slickest surface for Christmas morning. The stupidity of Seattle has now achieved world notice. Thanks a bunch, guys, for making us a laughingstock--but at least *you* feel all smug about preserving the (saltwater) Puget Sound from the horrific threat of -- salt. Now, if I was a cruel person (ooo! I am!) I would point out that cars smashing into each other because they can't brake on the eco-decorative unsalted hilly Seattle streets can suffer loss of structural integrity, leading to leaking toxic fluids such as antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, and gasoline. But that's all right, apparently. Snarkatron predicts a heavy downpour of lawsuits from injured Seattle drivers in the near future. Even the woo-woo liberal Seattle Times is getting grumpy about the slick streets.

However! I have heat, and power, and food, and wonderful neighbors that stop by to see if everything is all right. In the spirit of the festive season, I offer you, my (I think I'm up to eight now) readers .... Deck the Halls with Boston Charlie!


Anonymous BillT said...

That's still funny, fifty years later.

"Bark us all bow-wow's of folly" wasn't in the original -- sung by the inimitable Churchy LaFemme -- it was Beauregard's contribution about two year's afterward.

*saunter's off humming "Beige Christmas" in honor of the dust storm*

8:03 AM, December 25, 2008  
Anonymous BillT said...

So, you're saving these posts to send to Ye Olde Editor when the mayor and his cohorts to run for re-election on the Green Ticket, right?

8:30 AM, December 25, 2008  
Anonymous BillT said...

"...*decide* to run..."

%$#@! twitchy "Post* thumb...

8:32 AM, December 25, 2008  
Blogger casey said...

It's 68 degrees over here southwest Ohio (just south of Hamilton).

If it makes you feel any better it's cloudy, and we might get some snow showers in a couple of days.

10:24 AM, December 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just found your site via Castle Arrrgh. Glad to know there are more non-pc folks near--we're in Mukilteo. Your site is now bookmarked and will be visited often, if not daily. Maybe the crazies in Seattle will put Prince Five Pennies out to pasture where he belongs!

6:21 PM, December 27, 2008  
Anonymous John of Argghhh! said...

Oooo! Oooo! I referred you a reader!

Pay up! Pay up!

Huh? Me, bored at the moment? Nothing better to do than be annoying in your comments?

Um, well, yeah.

10:32 AM, December 29, 2008  

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