Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Age

The temperature at Snark Central this morning was 17 F. Just yesterday Seattle recorded its lowest temperature for that day at 19F. Fortunately I have cold weather experience, and any day I can get my car to start is a good one. However, this is NOT the kind of weather we are accustomed to here. Water in the solid form is a rare occurrence. The sad thing is we may be in for more of it in the years to come -- Solar Cycle 24 is being rather coy. If it doesn't show up soon, or if it shows up in a weak state, we could be in for some mini-ice-age action.

And if we get glaciers, the only thing to do is encourage Al Gore to throw himself into a nearby volcano to appease the angry snow gods. Isn't he always saying we have to do *something* to fix the climate issue? Lead by example, O Goracle! (Yeah I know that won't fix anything but neither will building thousands of new hybrid smugmobiles or destroying the world economy and that doesn't stop him from advocating it....)


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