Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few awkward questions

- I hear a lot these days about the "starving people of Gaza" and how hopeless their lot is. How the growing population feels increasing despair. Somebody better send those recently RIFfed Planned Parenthood folks over to explain the whole "where babies come from" thing. That will help with the teeming hordes over time. Next, add up the costs of all those rockets and explosives and Acme Tunnel Building Kits and spiffy starched green headbands, and figure out how many meals that would buy even at Whole Foods. Every time I see one of the Hamas parades or police academy graduations or Child Martyrs Brigade thingys they all have brand new uniforms and headbands and fake bomb belts. That can't be cheap. And if somebody (cough*Iran*cough) is donating these items in kind, maybe the Palestinians should sell them on eBay for a bulk shipment of hummus. Just a thought. Otherwise suspicious, uncharitable people like me will think they are getting plenty of food and the only thing they are really complaining about is getting their asses deservedly kicked by Israel.

- Where is all this government bailout money coming from? Physically? Oh, I know I'll end up paying for it one way or another. After all, I've been promised (promised!) that only the rich will see their taxes go up. Either I will unilaterally be declared "rich" or that verbal promise isn't worth the paper it is written on. America has a lot of truly wealthy people, but a) they are smart enough to hide it from sticky government fingers and b) there aren't enough of them to pay for the bailout plan. The estimate from the Congressional Budget office is the deficit (downhill, in a hurricane) would be 1.2 TRILLION dollars. Some bright spirits on the liberal side want the whole stimulus circus to be 2 trillion *all by itself*. (via Ace of Spades) Do these people have any idea what those numbers mean? And it won't make any difference if we patiently explain that people who don't have a job can't pay extra taxes. They will just cheerfully point to the extra unemployment benefits the plan has. That someone, eventually, will have to PAY FOR. I bet they think if they tug on their shoelaces hard enough they will achieve orbit, too.

- Why, exactly, are mobs allowed to push the police around in England and in Germany? And we already know about the charmingly festive car-burnings in the banlieus of France, and now Norway, of all places, has looting and mob scenes. Why is this being allowed to occur? Why can't the respective law enforcement organizations apply the law equally, and not just to people who won't hit them? I have no problem with someone with a "Death to Muslims" sign getting arrested. I just want all the people with "Death to Jews" to be arrested TOO. If Mark Steyn can be accused of hate speech for accurately quoting an imam, the imam should be accused of hate speech as well.

- Oh look. Mr. Obama hasn't even been sworn in yet, and already his image is being burned, shot at, defaced, and generally treated with all the respect that Mr. Bush has been given over the years. He's getting threats, too. I thought everyone was going to love us when Bush was no longer president? Maybe it is the power of the United States, and the fact we don't cringe at the court of public opinion that is the real problem after all. Take notes, folks. It's going to be a bumpy ride, and our pilot thinks he knows everything. After all, he aced Flight Simulator!

oh god I need a drink ....


Anonymous BillT said...

Why can't the respective law enforcement organizations apply the law equally, and not just to people who won't hit them?

D'uh. If a cop arrests someone who *hit* him, he'll wind up being sued for willfully and maliciously damaging the arrestee's fist with his face.

Life would be *soooo* much easier if law schools made having five years' experience as an auxiliary policeman a prerequisite for applying...

1:03 PM, January 14, 2009  
Blogger Susan said...

If nothing else, that prerequisite would solve the overpopulation of lawyers in the world, I like it. As for the fiscal management, you do remember you are speaking of the general population of a country that is distinguished by the highest per capita personal debt in the world, right?

If they can't manage their own money, and live on what they haven't earned yet, why would they expect their government to do anything any differently??

3:42 PM, January 14, 2009  

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