Thursday, March 13, 2008

Character is what you are in the dark

The Snarkatron's reaction to the latest sordid sex scandal is mixed. From the curious reticence of the Mainstream Media to mention Mr. Spitzer's political affiliation I rudely assume he is a Democrat. So yay, the sewage isn't in *my* house, but ick, it's still sewage. And the industrious members of the Fourth Estate seem to think my life would be a trial and not worth living if the latest details aren't shoved in my face with red banner headlines every 15 minutes. Come on, folks, this isn't the crash of the Hindenberg.

In between breathless updates about the party of the second part's MySpace page (0y...) we get Deep Thinkers and Pundits and other heavily-brained folk who opine on the legalization of prostitution (pro and con), is it really exploitation of Modern Women who Own their Bodies, and Men Have Urges. (No, really? Stop the presses! This is NEWS!)

The Snarkatron's opinion has not been asked, strangely enough, but here it is. Legalization of prostitution will not make a damn bit of difference, except hookers will get to experience twice as much government efficiency as the rest of us who merely have to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles for licensing. It will still be a scandal for highly placed government officials to be found patronizing the ladies of negotiable affection, and the pro's won't exactly be taking out ads in the New York Times with their vital statistics and independently verified suction strength either.

It all has to do with respect. What does it say about a man who patronizes women who will only have sex with him if they are paid? Maybe he's so repulsive it's the only way he can get any. Maybe he just wants to have sex without having to pretend he gives a damn about how the woman feels. Maybe the cool chicks *he* thinks he rates can't see him with a telescope. (I am leaving out situations where the only women available are prostitutes, since all the others are hidden or locked up. This is about free actors on both sides.) Not very flattering to the man, any way you look at it. Especially in this modern day and age, with working birth control and other wonders, a reasonably polite, attractive man has other options that don't have a fee schedule. Then there's the women. I don't think we're ever going to get to the science fictional "socially acceptable courtesans". Prostitutes will always be looked at askance for the same reason you don't see hetero male prostitutes all over the landscape. Yes, women view sex differently than men. If a woman is paying for sex, to her way of looking at it she's already lost since it clearly isn't about the emotional connection, is it? In the same way, a woman *selling* sex isn't expecting an emotional connection either, and is also saying "I wouldn't do this guy if I wasn't getting paid". She doesn't respect herself, so why should anyone else? Please note I'm not saying prostitutes should be stoned or branded. Plain ole social stigma is all, just like for drug abusers and people who don't bathe.

Please. I don't WANT to know about your sex life! Really.


Anonymous BillT (Still in Iraq) said...

Well, you know I'm a character and you've seen me in the dark.

There -- the first good straight line I've spoon-fed you in a while...

4:55 AM, March 26, 2008  

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