Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Funnies

-Schlock Mercenary Sometimes doors are closed for a very good reason.
-TwoLumps The other kind of Indian, Snooch.
-Girl Genius Gil's lightning stick has had a bit of an upgrade
-Delta Bravo Sierra Yes, there are regs for playing Wii.
-Amya Retrieval of a magical compass.
-Romantically Apocalyptic Amber is re-amalgamated. Or something.
-Power Nap Drew should have read the HR memo more carefully.
-Commander Kitty What is Nin Wah up to now?
-Dresden Codak The Right Caspar wants to escape a professional bore.
NEW COMIC! Spindrift Beautiful art, magic, strange peoples, and a half-breed girl caught in between. (A few PG-13 panels, FYI).
Not Updated, fie!
-Gone with the Blastwave
-My Ninja Family
-Argghhh-onauts accidentally deleted his source file.



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