Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Women Seem Wicked When You're Unwanted

So much of the current news is Variations on a Theme of Tube Steaks it's hard to find anything else to blog about.  I don't know how to break it to the male of the species, but *YOU* are the ones who get turned on purely by visuals.  Sorry.  So, the fascination with the photos of the Prominent Member of Congress escapes me.  (I'd be delighted if he is so crippled by the controversy he either quits and becomes a monk or can't get anything done because the rest of the August Body is pointing and giggling.)

However!  Per Instapundit, Andrew Klavan mischievously posits that this is All Women's Fault.  You see, we (that is, all women) encourage loutish behavior such as that exhibited by the HotDog of Congress and so we get more of it.  Yes, really.  Read the whole thing.  "Chicks dig these creeps!" he states, and lists other exemplars such as Arnold Schwartzenegger and Dominique (who is a man) Strauss-Kahn. 

An important principle of science and experimentation is to only modify one variable at a time.  I'll agree all three men have got serious issues with how they treat women.  I'll even agree they have a surprising number of attractive (really, Arnold?) women willing to put up with their problems.  However.  Extrapolating from three very famous, rich and/or powerful men to all jerks?  What you really need to do is first select your experimental sample from ALL jerks, and then see how many bimbos attach like remoras as a function of the fame/power/money variable.  My feminine instincts inform me that were Wiener (ah!  that name!) a minimum-wage parking lot attendant from a long line of parking lot attendants--and with the same obnoxious behavior--he'd have a hard time finding any willing female companionship.

Look on the bright side, Mr. Klavan.  Jerks who have nothing but their jerk behavior get nothing.  Jerks with money or power get the kind of women who just want money and power, and do you really want them?  Why don't you lead by example and "not encourage that kind of behavior"?

Oh yeah.  You get turned on by visuals.  Never mind ...


Blogger Justthisguy said...

Well, yeah. The general run of wimminz tend to be attracted to high-status, powerful guys. I thought evverbody knew that.
I suppose you know, that you are an outlier.

10:51 PM, June 16, 2011  

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