Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This is us with one hand tied behind our backs

The current administration is famous for groveling to our enemies and insulting our allies.  It keeps trying to cast terrorism as a slightly aggravated form of littering that can be dealt with by policemen and court trials.  The only people afraid of President Obama are our (at least for now) allies who have shared sensitive intelligence with us because if he ever gets the intellectual half-nelson on this "intertubes" thingy VP Biden will tweet it all, 120 characters at a time.

So.  Osama bin Ladin is dead, because we wanted him that way.  Despite his efforts at concealment, despite Pakistan's I-din't-see-nuffing comedy routine.  Despite having a moldy dishrag as a President.  It's pretty evident, based on the mind-boggling stupidity of the press releases of what happened during the raid, changing every five minutes, that the skilled and professional *military* side of the operation cannot have been directed or even supervised by President Obama or his team.  There are rumors to the effect it only went off because he *didn't* know about it, supported by the sulky, hunched posture of the Leader of the Free World in the iconic photo of the Situation Room.  He's not even sitting at the table, like the grown-ups.  (And may Athena forgive me for referring to Biden as a grown-up...).  He had to be dragged off the golf course (yes really) to watch the superb SEALs he is allegedly the commander of kick ass and blow shit up.  Now that it is a success, of course, you'd think he was Team Leader on the ground to hear him talk about it.

It's to be hoped the brainer terrorists and their funders make the connection.  Even when we have a total loser in the White House, the United States is still very, very dangerous.  And we WILL find you.


Anonymous DL Sly said...

"...cast terrorism as a slightly aggravated form of littering..."

I don't care who you are, that's funny.

4:27 PM, May 04, 2011  

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