Thursday, April 07, 2011

How Things are Different Now

Politics have changed.  Used to be, if you were in the narrow section of the demographic pie in a given city/state jurisdiction, you were screwed. Didn't matter how hard you fought, how many signs in your yard, even how much money you donated.  The numbers were simply against you.  Living in the soggy corner of the map as I do, I know my Congresscritters, Inslee and Murray, do not give a tinker's damn about my opinion because they can get re-elected just fine without it.  It doesn't help when the local Republicans pretty much press-gang a reluctant candidate that can't be bothered to really campaign, either.

So I get involved in *other* state elections.  I don't have oodles of cash to donate, but I like my money to be put to good use.  In other words, where it might have an actual effect.  This is the cool thing about the current political environment -- using the magic of the internet I can find out about a candidate for state or federal office anywhere in the country (Alan West, for example) , and help THEM get elected.  Once in Congress, a vote is a vote.

I suspect we will be seeing more of this. And why not?  What members of Congress do affects everyone in the country, not just the constituents of their particular state.  If my voice is diluted where I live, I can make it stronger by focusing somewhere else.


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