Friday, May 13, 2011

Do I have this right?

According to Press Release #34, Our Fearless Leader instead of blowing up Osama's hidey-hole with as much explosive as we could pack in a JDAM specifically required SEALs on the ground to "get proof".  Okay then.  Proof of Osama's death is important enough to risk a) injury and/or death of said SEAL team members, b) failure of entire mission since it is pretty much impossible to sneak up on someone in a helicopter, c) risk that some or all of the equipment used could be captured or found after the raid (like, say, a rotor element that didn't get burned up and now is in a box marked "ship to China"?)   Obama wanted proof.  Pictures.  Very important to have pictures.

For us commoners, however, not so much.  *We* don't need to have proof that our resources, our people, were put at risk for a good reason.

He gets pictures and we don't because he's better than us.


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