Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I demand a recount!

Researchers claim it is possible to tire of chocolate.

Utter horse-hocky. For one thing, these "researchers", clearly in the pay of the food nanny/anti-chocolate cabal, think it's perfectly reasonable to compare eating one pill (with tomato extract) with eating more than one Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar per day. For one thing, that's pretty meh chocolate. For another, true chocoholics prefer to mix it up a bit. Of *course* the study participants preferred one tasteless pill per day (low calorie) to a pretty sizable chunk of chocolate (more like 260 calories).

For a true scientific study, they should have forced people to chose between the mounds of chocolate bars and eating five store-bought styrofoam-textured tomatoes per day. These people are rank amateurs.

Now the Haggis Tolerance Test, that was good science!

N.B. The use of the term "Sassenach" is a pejorative Gaelic term for the English, aka Crazy Limeys. It appears haggis only has beneficial cholesterol-lowering properties for Scots. So there's no point in force-feeding haggis to Brits, it just wastes a good haggis. And annoys the Brit.


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