Friday, March 06, 2009

Hey 52, aren't you proud?

What a splendid president Obama is becoming. Hiring a tax cheat to be head of Treasury is certainly a change. Only now people are starting to notice and point and laugh when so many of the other nominees just couldn't figure out how to give the government the taxes they are so eager to extract from schmoes like me. Wouldn't it be easier to go to the IRS and get the list of people who CAN correctly file their taxes, and just start working down the list to fill the Cabinet?

You know, I knew this administration would be bad. What I did not expect was the humiliation. Obama thinks it is acceptable for him to deliberately insult another head of state by giving, in return for historical, valuable items, a cheesy collection of DVDs. I thought one of Obama's big selling points was he would "improve America's standing in the world"? There are diplomatic ways of expressing one's extreme displeasure, but I am completely unaware of any reason for the United States to be peeved with Great Britain. This is LOW RENT. Very, very immature. If Baldilock's speculation is correct, and I suspect it is, it is still no excuse. Obama is President of the United States, not Kenya. Gordon Brown may be nobody's idea of a good time but I very much doubt he was involved with the Mau-Mau uprising putdown. If tens of thousands of Kenyan civilians dead is a Bad Thing, surely hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and Kurds is an equally Bad Thing. Obama didn't support the Iraq war that stopped the butcher who did that, though. Selective outrage, how quaint.


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