Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Snark-rich Environment

It SNOWED this morning in the (usually) soggy Pacific Northwest, so I am in a fine mood for snarking.

DOD reviews casket-viewing rules for Dover: The media, of course, have been frothing about being excluded from taking photographs of the flag-covered transport containers when they come off the plane at Dover AFB. Once they have that, then America will know the True Cost of War(tm), since they obviously haven't been paying attention to the running body count the Media inserts into every possible location. "The Girl Scouts will be having a cookie drive Saturday at the Main St. Library, and casualties in Iraq reached yet another Grim Milestone." Depending on how the rules are interpreted regarding family permission, and how that permission is obtained, this could be Gates appearing to give in but not really. If there are multiple deceased being transported, and any single family can veto the paparazzi, I don't think there will be many more Dover photographs than before. And should there be a single one and permission given, how does it show the Mass Futility of War to see one casket in a giant transport hold? I'd say, while still tragic, it makes the opposite point. I also hope that the media is BARRED, full stop, from contacting the families themselves. Ideally, there should be a checkbox on a form, yes/no, that the military organizations involved handle. Oh, and if I was in charge, only photographers that had been embeds during the hot part of the fighting could apply for permission.

Ban Guns to Save Mexico: Maybe this is just because I never had an expensive Harvard education, but wouldn't it be simpler to enforce the laws we already have, specifically the border ones? That way all these eeeeevil American guns won't go to the drug cartels down south, and oh yes, bonus, we don't get the drugs, or the kidnapping and murdering from the drug cartels, or even the illegal immigrants up here. I'm a jeenyus! Well, maybe not a Biden-level jeenyus ... (but who is?)

Bus Drivers Make How Much?: As a regular bus commuter I have all respect for the drivers, but I *know* they don't make enough to buy $800K houses, and the ones I know would rupture something laughing at the very idea. And this lady wants a bailout from ME. Since I bought a house I could afford, I still have money. So she wants it. How is this fair?


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