Friday, February 27, 2009

Tea Party in Seattle

Well, that was fun! Speakers were better, but the sound system still needs improvement. The crowd was great, though--I could hear the cheers two blocks away! Our fearless leader even called up Patty Murray's office (got the voice mail, of course) and the crowd added a long, loud BOOOO to the message. Many teabags were collected with clever wrappers stapled to them, to send to Congress. Along with a copy of the Constitution, since it appears they may need a refresher course. That may be a bit optimistic of the organizers, in my opinion. The Democrats couldn't be bothered to read the Stimulus bill either.

Some pics of the crowd. The day was sunny, but cold. More than last time, says the MkI Eyeball Estimator.

This gentleman had a most wonderful hat, with teabags dangling from it.

A real tea gown! And note the picnic basket behind her. It had chocolate in it. Never say I fail to report the important stuff!

Tea, in an antique teacup. We can be very elegant in Seattle.


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