Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vegas AAR

I think I've sobered up by now. Your Humble Snarkatron is sadly out of practice at the whole party-hearty thing, and it appears to be a Las Vegas bylaw that all drinks shall be the size of your head.

I traveled with fellow Castle Denizenne Barb, which is much nicer than wandering around all alone in the infinite void. Many of the Castle Crewe were there, including John and Beth, Dbie, Maggie, and FuzzyBear. Evidently the Security Agreement the milbloggers signed with the Las Vegas Authority precluded the presence of Dusty or BillT. There's always next year ...

The Blackfive party at the Penthouse Club wins the "Decadence" prize. Starting with the shuttle buses that had not one, but *two* poles for dancing, and then on to the private party room with the giant photo that turned out to be, after much puzzled 3-D mental realignment, to be a nekkid ladies torso (I guess I'm not wired to instantly recognize things like that, especially when it's an odd camera angle). I'm happy to report everybody else was wearing clothes. On the other hand, the lighting was so dim^H^H^H atmospheric nudity would have probably escaped unnoticed. This would not have troubled me if I was not trying to identify many people I had never actually met before. Next year, I will suggest fluorescent Braille name badges. The booze was free and flowed in copious amounts, probably leading to the Mass Blackfive PoleDance. (With guest appearances by Chuck Z and Greyhawk). Guys, I love ya to death but pole dancing is NOT a squad-level activity, OK? We need to be able to see you in all your glory. Take turns. And Jimbo, yes a tie is an article of clothing but taking it, and only it off is not stripping, it is TEASING. But overall, an A for effort and Chuck gets a gold star for sheer enthusiasm and creativity. And for the ultimate prize, I successfully tracked down Allen, commenter at (a division of the Moronosphere) , to say hi. He is such a sweetheart and gentleman I remain convinced he was glad to meet me ;-) Pictures! We gots pictures!

Then we staggered home to our "Moroccan Tacky" hotel, the Sahara, in preparation for the actual Milblog conference. This was my first and very informative. Again, wonderful to finally put faces to names of all the people I have been reading for years. Interspersed with panels were visits to the main Blogworld convention exhibit floor, where many amusing plastic tchotchkes were found and more Famous People sighted. Pajamas Media was doing video interviews!

Sunday was given up to pure decadence (again), tagging along with John and Beth as they explored the desert, specifically the Valley of Fire. In addition to much geologic niftiness there were vast swaths of petroglyphs to admire. Then we went back to Vegas, ingested drinks the size of our heads and much delicious food, and went to a fancy show.

All this, and nobody got arrested. We'll have to try harder next time.


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Yes, I was very pleased to meet you!


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