Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Funnies

-Lackadaisy has updated! The difficulties inherent in a cousin with morals.
-More fun from the Lawn Darts crew. (This would be more funny if I hadn't myself found a crucial part after much profane reassembly of a complex piece of machinery. )
-Argghhh-onauts has multiple updates since the author is playing hooky for two weeks. I say we dock his pay ... Episode #5, Episode #6, Episode # 7.
-Schock Mercenary revels in someone else screwing up for a change.
-Dresden Codak concludes the very strange Hob saga. With giant posthuman AI feathered snake robots. Or possibly the effects of huffing glue, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes.
-Girl Genius has serious housecleaning to do. Not to mention routing the multiple boyfriend candidates past each other ...


Anonymous BillT said...

I say we dock his pay ...

Just itching to go pole-dancing with WK, aren't you?

Ummmmm -- assuming I can find my pencil after I get back...

1:26 PM, September 28, 2008  

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