Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Innnnteresting ...

I have a moderately long commute by bus into Seattle. Usually my fellow commuters are a silent, studious bunch; now and then neighbors have a quiet chat about traffic or the last baseball game, but not very often. So I was surprised when two crochety older ladies struck up a lively, quite audible discussion about, get this, the Republican convention and Sarah Palin. First, our sober and sensible commuter regulars Just Don't Discuss Politics. Nobody wants an ulcer first thing in the morning. Second, I was fascinated with what they said. If they are typical of Seattle (usually liberal) voters, Obama is in a world of hurt.

Pronouncements of the Bus Ladies:
-Sarah Palin is "amazing"
-"17 year old girls get pregnant? *That's* never happened before!" (said with heavy scorn)
-They feel great sympathy for Bristol Palin and uniformly blame the media for the whole mess. Not, mind you, Sarah.
-"What he said was very interesting" (I gathered this was some speaker at the convention, but missed the name.)

And I didn't notice anyone on the bus giving them the hairy eyeball, either.


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