Monday, August 28, 2006

I love technology: Roof-blogging

The new Snarkatronic employment locale is in one of the many Seattle office buildings. The quirky state of development being what it is, there are still older, shorter buildings mixed in with the skyscrapers, allowing a glimpse into the secret lives of roofs. This one, for example, was the scene of several people carrying yellow pads of paper and gesticulating--at each other, but mostly at a segment of metal ventilation conduit. They did not put up a sign saying what they were doing, or why. Rude, I call it.

Oh, and the technology bit? I took the picture with a keychain digital camera. 8 MB of memory, can store over 100 pictures if you don't use the highest resolution. $20. Is this century cool or what?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Translation error

The world is a strange and wonderful place ... (with notes for the MSM, so they can see how to do it)

As I was a-riding this morning for pleasure (fact: I was taking my weekly riding lesson. Witness, horse hight Gryphon. OK, maybe it wasn't so pleasant for him.) I heard a couple of sirens of the fire/ambulance variety go by on the local road (which you can verify by checking the local emergency service logs). Shortly after the sirens started up, I heard an ungodly racket which sounded very much like a flock of large, constipated geese trying to imitate said sirens (corroboration, my riding instructor). Having considerable curiousity, I enquired as to the source of the racket. A den of coyotes, said my riding instructor. It really was amazing to hear. And, being the warped purveyor of fiction that I am, it inspired me to wonder what was really being said ....

(NOTE: the following is entirely FICTION. Made up. Not real. Even in an election year.)

Hark! 'tis Uncle Snaggle Bigteeth, returned at last from his hunt for the Large Wheeled Thing that did in Aunt Beulah!

Daddy, why does Uncle Snaggle sound funny?

I reckon he spent some time in furrin' parts, son, and picked up some of their ways.

He keeps saying the same thing over and over!

Hey Snag! We're over here! Come and meet the cubs!

What is he saying? Something about an impala? In a tree?

I tole you he'd been to furrin' parts! I hear impala's good eatin'!

Dear, we're coyotes. Everything is good eating to us.

Oh yeah, right. Hey, he's going away! Snag, you plumb fool! We're over HERE!

Uncle Snag! Uncle Snag!


I think he's talking about a ford impala. In a tree. Dunno about them.


Is Uncle Snag coming back, Dad?

He always was a strange one, Snaggle. I reckon he'll be back. Someday. Now finish your cat or it's no dessert for you!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An Assortment of Snarklets

Things have been just a tad unsettled at Snark Central of late. New job. On the plus side, higher pay, more interesting work, and I can commute by bus (which my new employer pays for!). On the non-plus side, everything is different and I have to re-calculate my daily routine. End result, not much blogging. You may have noticed.

First off, a public service announcement for those of the actively non-moonbat persuasion who might find themselves in the Tacoma, WA area on a Friday afternoon. A message from one who supports the troops:

Hello All,
Last Friday, August 11th, fourteen troop supporters were in downtown Olympia to show that our troops and country do have supporters in Olympia. It was a bit of a shock to many of the people driving by but we received quite a few thumbs-up, and comments such as "It's about time!" We are going to do it again this Friday, August 18th, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the at the corner of 4th Avenue and Water Street in Olympia. We will be on the south side of 4th Avenue.

Now, a message from me. It has come to my attention that Walt Gaya is going back to Iraq, this time as a photojournalist. Not even an imbed. Via Michael Yon:

In an effort to bring objective news from the frontline, Walt Gaya will fly to Iraq. His recent combat experience coupled with his excellent photography will make Walt an invaluable news resource. His work will be published exclusively in my online magazine. Ongoing financial support is critical to keeping his reports coming, because Walt will not be with United States forces. Confident commanders such as those at 4th Infantry Division who welcomed Walt Gaya know the value of media coverage. But the Combined Press Information Center in Baghdad is censoring press at this time and has denied embed requests from both Walt and me. People who have read about Walt likely will not be surprised by his decision to go in alone.

Ahem. Guardian Angels? FORM UP!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fascinating ...

[Imagine the Spock-voice for best results]

I've always enjoyed Varifrank, especially when he gets up a good head of steam and vents. His epic smackdown of some snotty Euro-types who thought we were dumb to send an aircraft carrier to help the tsunami survivors should be etched in a huge granite boulder and then dropped on the UN, repeatedly if necessary.

But now he has revealed an unexpected turn for strategic military analysis. He thinks the Israelis are going for the whole enchilada, and all the surface waffling is Hebrew for "don't throw me in that briar patch!"

And looky there ... just like he predicted, only more so. I sure hope he's right about the rest.