Friday, July 28, 2006

My city, in the news

In a bad way. Again. In a people-have-been-killed way. Again. This time, some nutcase decided to shoot a bunch of office workers at the Jewish Federation in Seattle. Obviously the Amish are causing trouble again, neh? And those office ladies (yes, all women), the way they would kvetch would drive a saint to homicide. Obviously.

Observe, as the media studiously ignore the shooter's religion and stated motive (I mean, can you really believe a mere eyewitness?), because it cannot possibly be relevant that he's Muslim, shooting up unarmed civilians in a downtown office of a Jewish organization, and tried to get a hostage situation going because he was angry at Israel and wanted us to not send them weapons. Coincidence. Has nothing at all to do with the case.

And if you hide under the covers, the monsters can't get you.


Blogger Trias said...

Not good. If it can be reasonably established he did it for publicity this should be tried as terrorism not just murder.

3:43 AM, July 29, 2006  

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