Saturday, September 24, 2005

Where'd the protesters go?

So I got the word from BlackFive that there would be a localized outbreak of moonbattiness outside Ft. Lewis, just south of Tacoma. I leave work early, slog through a quagmire of traffic, get to the overpass, scribble a quick "Good Job Deuce Four" sign (1/24th Stryker Brigade, of Michael Yon fame, were returning) and what do I find? Lots and lots and lots of patriotic counterprotestors, but not a sign of a moonbat anywhere. I wasn't the only one who was disappointed. A gentleman who had seen the flags and people and turned around on his way home to join us also had been looking forward to it. Rumor swirled that there had been about 30 scraggly protesters earlier, but they left before I got there. I remain skeptical, and demand proof.

Of course they will probably show up today, when I can't go. They are worse than Bigfoot. Never around when you are looking for them.

And why did I take the time and effort to do this? Because a soldier asked me to. (HT Citizen Smash). It's all part of the ChickenHawk Code.


Blogger FbL said...

It's all part of the ChickenHawk Code.


9:18 AM, September 24, 2005  

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