Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Sampler of Snark

Lots of little things going on these days, and lots and LOTS of writing work. First book in the new SF series goes live in a few weeks, and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes scampering to be done. But meanwhile...

1) The Freedom-loving forces arrayed against the evil minions of annexation were, once again, victorious. By an even larger margin than last time, too. Perhaps the city will note the trend and stop trying? Naaah. That would be *intelligent*. Oh, and we discovered they are rapidly running out of money, hence the desperate need to take MINE. Not to worry, we have plans.

B) I have been greatly amused by the Dog Propaganda Wars. What the Obama people desperately need is a continuity enforcer. See, you can't wail about how cruel Romney was to take the dog on a family vacation in a crate strapped to the roof without people reading between the lines and figuring out that a) a station wagon crammed with the entire family is not how wealthy plutocrats travel on vacation, b) the Romneys care enough about their dog to WANT to take him on vacation, since the dog is family too, and c) when the Obamas take their alleged pet on vacation with them, he gets a separate plane. THAT's how clueless rich people do it.  So either Romney is out of touch with everyday Americans because he is rich, or he isn't.  Pick one.  I'd advise canning the dog meme (see what I did there?) because a lot more people have crammed their family in a stationwagon to go on vacation than have ever ridden in a private jet.  Just saying.  And we can go on and on forever about how few real Americans have ever *eaten* dog.

III) I want an inflatable Stonehenge.  That is just too cool for school.


Anonymous Anachronda said...

Surely Spinal Tap is kicking themselves, wishing they had thought of the inflatable Stonehenge.

5:18 PM, April 28, 2012  

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