Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Funnies

In honor of April Fools Day, enjoy a gallery of Norman Rockwell's April Fools covers!

-Schlock Mercenary How to restrain a zombie.
-TwoLumps Pet the kitteh or else.
-Girl Genius A nice, relaxing, hardly-poisoned drink with friends
-No Need For Bushido Lord Maru doesn't think much of political expediency.
-Delta Bravo Sierra Testing MRAP armor with the EllTee.
-Amya You never forget your first theft.
-Commander Kitty Zenith only needs the head.
-NEW COMIC! Power Nap I don't think a chapter cover counts, but whatever.

Not Updated, fie!
- Banished
-Romantically Apocalyptic
-My Ninja Family
-Dresden Codak
-Gone with the Blastwave
-Argghhh-onauts dreams of cheesy-bean burrito night at the DFAC.



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