Friday, March 30, 2012

Growing Up is Optional

One of the difficulties in being a kid is you have great ideas (let's build a giant water cannon!) but low capital. Then when you have money and resources, most people have ossified Sensawunda organs and don't *want* to build giant water cannons. You may not believe me, but it's true.


There are a few folks that escape the curse of Growing Up and have a LOT of fun. Exhibit A, Preston Boomer of the delightfully named Bonny Doon, CA.  Mr. Boomer has built the world's best mad scientist playground on his property.  A castle (with water cannon and a portcullis), a guillotine (locked up for safety unless chopping watermelons), a giant pipe organ, a mad science lab, an engine room that provides pressurized water for all water warfare devices on the property, AND underground catacombs that connect everything.

I wonder if he does consulting on the side ...



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