Friday, January 21, 2011

The horror...the horror

Made a few changes around the sidebar, just in case you were wondering.  The Global Warming widget is quite clever and keeps track of all kinds of useful solar data, and I think we're done with the 2010 election so I removed those links.  I also removed a certain war correspondent's link for what I consider to be egregious offenses against adult behavior AND Blackfive's Uncle Jimbo (Note for people who have $variable-Studies degrees, that means two completely different and possibly non-intersecting categories.)  Not that said correspondent will notice or care, but when you repeatedly insult people I like and act like a jerk I will delete your link.  Fair warning to everyone.

Not that I agree with Uncle Jimbo about women in combat, and I'm sure he cares as much as the recently-unlinked correspondent.  I think, however, that I have uncovered the reason why he feels so strongly on the subject.

WARNING!  Not safe for work.  Not safe for ANYTHING with a central nervous system.  I'm warning you.

You're going to click the link anyway, aren't you.  Sigh.  They never listen ...

Think Uncle Jimbo has a pen name in that list? And sheesh, guys, the Mammoth book? Will you stop fixating on size?


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