Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Violent Rhetoric --Words that imply a situation that could end in tears and/or hurt feelings, or have an origin or connotation that implies band-aids and boo-boos. E.g. campaign (military), tactics (military), take aim (guns), target (guns), push, shove, point, etc. Alt: Anything Sarah Palin says, including "and" and "the". NOTE: only conservatives are held to this standard. For example "make a necklace out of their ears" is just a normal liberal expression of frustration and nobody should feel the least bit threatened by it, even the people named as having a central role in said ear necklace.

Interjecting Yourself Into the Conversation -- Daring to contradict slurs and accusations, especially if conservatives defend themselves against liberals.

Extremist -- All conservatives and some paranoid schizophrenics. Alt: anyone who disagrees with a liberal (SEE: racist)

Vicious Animal -- One that defends itself against attack, especially if it is successful.

You know, with all the pundits punditing non-stop about this "climate of hate" I have yet to hear one of them suggest that the liberals lead by example and stop gratuitously insulting people whose only real crime is disagreeing with them. For extra credit, they can apologize for all the nastiness they spewed for the last ten years about Bush. I mean really, he dynamited the levees to destroy New Orleans? That's calm rhetoric?


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