Friday, May 07, 2010

Take Back Congress

My highly observant readers will have noticed some changes to the sidebar. The Valor-IT donate-o-meter is spending time with family, and I have added a list of links to Congressional candidates I have actually given actual cash to. I don't ask for much from a potential candidate, just a fiery denunciation of the health care power grab, a general indication of understanding that we can't spend money we don't have, an instinct that illegal aliens are illegal and the border should be non-porous, and a propensity to act like an adult.

The Venn diagram of my candidates vs. the candidates the entrenched Republicans were pushing doesn't intersect much. This is why you don't get money from me, Mr. Steele.

Do note the special elections coming up Real Soon Now. Donate if you can. Liberals like to pretend their wins are inevitable, but losing special elections before the big one in November can pop that balloon. They are still whining about Scott Brown. The current administration has shown it cannot be trusted with power, and the current Congress has taken leave of its senses. This needs to change.


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