Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So the H1-b Visa program is only for crucial tech skills, eh?

The would-be Times Square bomber not only abused our hospitality and our willingness to welcome immigrants, he abused the H1-b visa program (or someone did it for him). His first stint as a student was at college that later lost its accreditation, plus he got bad grades. Finally getting a degree in computer applications and information systems, he obtained a H1-b visa. These are allegedly for skilled workers in technical fields, but his job was as a temp accountant. Maybe I'm out of the loop here, but I have the distinct impression we have plenty of mediocre native-born accountants. What did this guy bring to the table that was so special? Besides the latent splodydope interest, that is. And why on earth are we still importing mediocre accountants with side talents in exothermic reactions at the rate of 65,000 PER YEAR? When unemployment is so high and not looking to improve in the near future?

Look, I'm willing to compromise. Just weed out the applicants that make a faint ticking noise, okay? Blowing up major US cities won't help the economy either.


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