Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Turn Left at Lenin

So, the Snarkatronic economy is once more on an even keel, at least for a while -- employment has been found! The one potential issue I had accepting the position is the workplace is in an area of Seattle even *Seattlites* consider liberal, so I would have to be in deep cover. The title refers to the route I take to go home. There is a real live statue of Lenin here.


As I wandered the floor trying to find the supply cabinet my first day, I caught a glimpse of a co-worker's computer screen.

And I saw the familiar header of Instapundit.

I am not alone!


Anonymous BillT said...

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has many cells, some of which are merely in Deep Cover and some of which are in Asthenic Defilade.

Welcome to the Underground.

1:37 AM, April 01, 2010  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

Totally Off-Topic, but Roberta X has a post up about the last letter of marque granted by the United States, for an airship in 1942. As one who would most likey wear the Trilobite as a cap badge, if she wore a cap, I thought you might be interested.

I left several comments, and had to chew on wrist, almost, not to leave more. I have a chronic, severe, Zeppelin perseveration. Trains and busses just ain't in it.

12:57 AM, April 02, 2010  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

Umm, that's most "likely."

WV: suclin. Hey, it's been more than half a century since I was weaned!

1:07 AM, April 02, 2010  
Anonymous BillT said...

WV "pecon" -- appropriate, since you're now working in the midst of nuts...

6:51 AM, April 02, 2010  
Blogger MissC said...

The conservative who came in from the cold. Be very sure that he is not doing field research for the opposition.

Then again, I have family up in the Northwet who have resisted the Dark Side.

Might one ask what sort of employment you have found and what you will be doing? If you can't, it is understood.

Totally off topic: I am in the process of restoring a treadle sewing machine. The Engineer (my spouse unit who assigned himself to me with my father's permission two and a half decades ago...and who is a combat engineer) will be doing cabinet restoration.

Congratulation, Missy BCR!

6:35 AM, April 05, 2010  

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