Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This is getting ridiculous

It is May.
That is snow on my lawn.
There was quite a bit of snow on my lawn. It contrasts nicely with the blooming rhododendrons, no?
There was snow on the freeways too, futzing up the commute beyond any verbal description.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot????

Any pea-brained individual attempting to explain this is weather and not climate and should not, no, never be taken as evidence against Global Warming will be mocked mercilessly and at length. Possibly in Shakespearean sonnets.

You have been warned.


Anonymous BillT said...

But this is exactly what the CAGW (Church of Al Gore's Warming) predicted would happen -- an increase in CO2 will lead to longer, colder, snowier winters when it doesn't lead to either shorter, colder, snowier winters or longer, warmer, non-snowier winters or doesn't lead to either longer, warmer, snowier winters or shorter, warmer, non-snowier winters, and we will have reached the tipping point five years ago, or three years ago, or last year, or thirty years from now, when nobody will remember all the predictions about tipping points we never reached.

See? The climate is responding *exactly* as the model predicted.

Of course, the model we're referring to is Heidi Klum...

1:20 AM, May 05, 2010  
Anonymous Cortillaen said...

*is tempted to play devil's advocate just to stea-er, umm... see the threatened sonnets*

9:07 AM, May 05, 2010  

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