Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Issues with Islam

As the mordant joke goes, the media warns against a backlash against Muslims and everyone says, "how many did they kill this time?" Just like those safety lectures on airplanes--most people can recite them verbatim (just FYI, the flight attendants hate that when you do, never mind how I know). Most-Muslims-Are-Peaceful. Put-Metal-Tab-Into-Buckle. Don't-Jump-To-Conclusions. The-Nearest-Exit-May-Be-Behind-You. Islam-Isn't-The-Problem. Everyone-Get-Out-And-Push-For-Takeoff. Yeah, I hear that most terrorist attempts were stopped by fellow Muslims dropping a dime. So, why aren't the Methodists having this problem? How many Amish bombings have been stopped by a quiet word to the FBI from a man in a beard and a hat?

This is important. We don't have a backlash against Muslims -- yet. We didn't have one after 9/11 and I know this because I worked with three devout Muslims on that very day. Believe me, I would have known if anyone was harassing them. But as long as the media, the administration, and good jeebus the MILITARY COMMANDERS keep saying things everyone knows aren't true about the Ft. Hood murderer, people ARE going to go overboard and say incendiary things about deporting all Muslims and worse. They are doing this from a sense of fright and frustration to force the people in charge to acknowledge reality.

If you do not like this rhetoric, tell the truth. The whole truth.

Snarkatron's personal observations: The Muslims I am acquainted with are polite, quiet, and non-confrontational. They do not get their knickers in a twist because women are allowed to sit next to them on a bus, or touch things on their desks, or talk to them. They follow the laws of this country, and show consideration - not deference- to others around them and expect the same in return. I believe they want to live peacefully with their neighbors, regardless of religious belief.

It only takes one rabid rat to cause a problem, however, and because the vast majority of Muslims seem non-confrontational that one rat has a disproportionate impact. The cultural and religious custom of sticking up for a fellow Muslim is doing the good guys terrible harm. It isn't fair, but they are going to have to find a way to say "That boy ain't right", LOUDLY, if they want to live in peace with the rest of us.

Islam is not the cause of the pathological behavior of these murderous nutbars. It does, however, act as an accelerant to any anti-social tendencies and neuroses Muslim adherants might have. Islam does not encourage believers to correct violent behavior against non-believers. There needs to be a way for mentally damaged individuals to be caught *before* they harm anyone, and their co-religionists would be the ideal first line of defense.

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Blogger Barb said...

It almost seems worse than pre-9/11. People shy away so hard from appearing to be anti-Islam, that we end up allowing twisted jerks like the Ft Hood shooter to fester and grow.
See Greyhawk's post today on the slide show that Dr. a$$hat presented in 2007. http://www.mudvillegazette.com/032889.html

12:56 PM, November 10, 2009  
Blogger Barb said...

Sorry - should have made that a clickable link.
Greyhawk's Post.

12:57 PM, November 10, 2009  

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